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We pride ourselves on our farming roots and agricultural background, which also means that we are able to identify with the constant pressures that farmers face on a daily basis. That's where we come in, we are here to help you with the bits that you don't have time for or don't want to do.

Whether you're looking for assistance with your farm records or wanting to maximise your rural assets through the use of a rural subsidy grant scheme, we understand how farms work and can help you achieve your aims.

Our agricultural services include:

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Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Countryside Stewardship Scheme

These schemes can provide farm businesses with a key income. However, with constant changes to regulations and uncertain Brexit proposals, it is difficult for busy farmers to remain up to date. Therefore, it is important that all applications are submitted correctly and on time to ensure you receive your payments in full. We can prepare and submit all of your BPS and Countryside Stewardship Applications and deal with all inquiries regarding your farm, giving you peace of mind and more time for yourself. 


Cross Compliance 

Cross compliance records can often get overlooked, yet they are so important for farm inspections as inadequate record keeping may result in penalties off your BPS and Stewardship payments. We can take care of this burden by creating your own bespoke folder containing your NVZ records, spray records (inc knapsack), water abstraction licences and livestock related records, e.g. annual inventory. Therefore, if you are ever inspected, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is up to date and ready to be presented. The requirements of every farm are different but we would be more than happy to come and visit you to see how we can help you.

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Rural Grant Schemes

With various grants offered and managed by a range of agencies, it can be hard to keep up to date with what grants are available, if they are available to you and how you apply for one. We have had success with Staffordshire LEADER, Stone Wall Repair Capital Grant, RDPE Countryside Productivity Schemes and RDPE Growth Schemes. We can help you with any aspect of the application, from the very first step of checking eligibility, initial feasibility studies through to preparing business plans and financial forecasts. Contact us for advice on available grants in your area. 


Livestock & Farm Assurance Record Keeping

You are required to keep a register of all of the livestock on your holding, and maintain records including movements, births, deaths, tagging and medicine records. We can take care of all livestock records and keep them in a safe place ready for farm inspections. In addition, Farm Assurance certification means more paperwork! We can help you to work out exactly what Farm Assurance records you need to be keeping, and what you should be aware of. We can help you to get set up with the right templates or take care of them altogether if you haven't got the time to keep comprehensive records.


Soil Sampling

Soil analysis can be required for a variety of reasons but can be rather labour intensive for farmers who don't have the time or equipment to carry out effective sampling. We can take care of the whole process from taking core samples in each field parcel, to processing and weighing the sample bags in preparation to be sent off to our partner laboratory with the relevant paperwork. Get in touch with us today to discuss your soil analysis needs.