• Amy Turner

Basic Payment Scheme 2019 - application window open for submissions

Regardless of what happens with the UK’s exit from the EU, BPS 2019 will continue to operate under the current rules. Even if there is “no deal”, it’s business as usual.

The rules are the same as in 2018, but it is essential to read the BPS 2019 Scheme Rules guidance on the www.gov.uk website. You must still be a “farmer” and eligible land must be agricultural land, primarily used for an “agricultural activity” throughout 2019 and be “at your disposal” on 15 May 2019.

The RPA must receive your application and supporting documents by no later than midnight on 15 May 2019 to avoid any late claim penalties.

If you wish to discuss your BPS application for 2019, get in touch with us using the Contact page.