• Amy Turner

Do you know your NVZ responsibilities?

There are certain record keeping requirements that you must be aware of if your land is situated within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone. Failure to comply with these requirements and failure to provide sufficient records upon a farm inspection could lead to a penalty being applied to your subsidy payments.

The following records are required and must be retained for 5 years:

• The total size of your holding excluding surface waters, hard standings, buildings, roads and woodland unless it is grazed - this could be taken from your BPS eligible area for your holding.

• Risk Map if you spread organic manures - map must show all field numbers and area

• Field records for each crop in each field:

– Crop type and sowing date

– Organic manure applications, date, amount, type, total N content, crop available N

– Manufactured N fertiliser, date and amount

– Crop yield (arable land only)

• Livestock calculations

– By 30th April record the number of livestock kept on the holding for the previous year by category and number of days

– Livestock limit calculation

– Amount of N produced by livestock

– Copy of any sampling and analysis results of manures and soils

• Imports and exports of manure

• Storage of manure

• Nitrogen fertiliser plans

These requirements can often appear onerous and daunting when you haven't got the time to spare to keep comprehensive records. Chandler Watson possesses the necessary skills and software in order to efficiently prepare all of the above record requirements. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.